Aurender W20SE Special Edition

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Music Server & Streamer

The Aurender W20SE raises the bar in both user experience and absolute audio performance.

The SE version packs-in a huge amount of new technology over the standard W20, following a complete re-examination of the design from the chassis screws up. Some of this includes a new linear power supply for powering the CPU, storage and other areas of the W20SE’s circuit topology. The linear supply provides a highly stable and low-noise environment for this critical circuitry.

The SE also adds-in a double-isolated LAN Port, with a 4TB SSD drive for storage and a 1TB SSD cache drive for playing back local files and for streaming content. In terms of file-support, the W20SE now can handle up to DSD256 and PCM up to 768kHz. Native DSD512 is also good, whereas the W20 was limited to DSD64. PCM upsampling via AES/EBU with single wire is now 192kHz/dual-wire 384kHz. New boards and new board layout (with greater attention to grounding to further reduce noise) complete the upgrade.

In common with all Aurender models, the W20SE is controlled via the dedicated Aurender Conductor app which has a well-deserved reputation for its performance and intuitive operation. This app was developed in-house by Aurender, and makes the very best use of their hardware. It is carefully optimised for managing large music databases, providing exceptionally fast browsing and search facilities for your music library. Aurender also offers remote technical support directly through the app, where their engineers can quickly diagnose and correct problems over the Internet.

In addition, all Aurender servers and players fully support the TIDAL music service, which offers 35 million lossless CD quality music tracks.


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