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Flagship Phono Preamplifier

Introducing the Nagra HD PHONO. As the official UK distributor for Nagra, Cadence Distribution is thrilled to present this exceptional addition, designed to seamlessly complement the Nagra HD range alongside the world-renowned HD PREAMP, HD DAC X, and HD AMP monoblocks.


Drawing from Nagra’s prestigious heritage, the HD PHONO builds upon the legacy of the revered Nagra IV-S reel-to-reel microphone preamplifier stage and the iconic phono section of the Nagra PL-P preamplifier. Ever since, Nagra has continuously refined and enhanced the original design, culminating in the development of the Nagra VPS and BPS, and most recently, the release of the Nagra CLASSIC PHONO in 2020.


Following the introduction of the Reference turntable and Nagra MC-4 moving-coil cartridge, the Nagra HD PHONO takes its place. Both the Reference turntable and MC-4 cartridge are esteemed in their own right, proving instrumental in the meticulous finalisation and fine-tuning process of the Nagra HD PHONO.

The Nagra HD PHONO features a two-chassis design, with the delicate phono stage circuitry housed in its own CNC machined aluminum chassis. A separate chassis accommodates a substantial supercapacitor external power supply. Unlike battery-based power supplies, supercapacitor-based power supplies offer rapid charge acceptance and delivery, along with higher current load and cycle stability. Drawing inspiration from the power supplies of the HD PREAMP and HD DAC X, this power supply is further refined for enhanced silence and performance. Both chassis are suspended within a system incorporating a damped, constrained layer platform coupled to four isolator damped towers, ensuring superior vibration resistance.


The Nagra HD PHONO integrates the finest analog technologies, featuring dual-mono, pure Class A operation with 100% tube stages. Notably, it offers remote control cartridge load adjustability from 10 to 390 Ohms, with precise steps as fine as 5 Ohms for smaller values. This enables seamless matching between your cartridge and the Nagra HD PHONO stage, ensuring optimal performance—all conveniently adjusted from the comfort of your listening chair and confirmed by ear.


The Nagra HD PHONO introduces a next-generation of input transformers. Evolving from the original VPS transformer and inspired by the renowned Nagra IV-S microphone input transformers, the HD PHONO’s transformers represent a fourth-generation design, offering 26 dB of gain. Crafted with Cobalt core and subjected to cryogenic treatment over several weeks, the new transformers deliver enhanced performance. Each transformer undergoes meticulous hand-winding—a delicate process akin to that of watchmakers—to ensure utmost precision and quality.


The Nagra HD PHONO at a glance:

  • Dual mono / class A tubes
  • 4x EF806S, 2x E88CC
  • Custom-made input transformers with 26 dB gain featuring cryogenically treated Cobalt cores
  • Overall gain of up to 68.5 dB adjustable by +/- 6dB so 62.5 and 56.5 dB
  • 2x MC inputs on RCA
  • 1x MM input on RCA
  • 1x option input for future custom transformers
  • Remote controlled loading system from no load to 390 Ohms by 5 Ohm step
  • Separate power supply with supercapacitor module ensuring silent power
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