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In 1951, Stefan Kudelski’s prized invention, the “NAGRA” (meaning “will record” in Polish) was revolutionary, delivering a portable audio tape recorder with exceptional specifications: light, compact, self-contained and portable, yet delivering high audio quality.

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Flagship Phono Preamplifier

Introducing the Nagra HD PHONO. As the official UK distributor for Nagra, Cadence Distribution is thrilled to present this exceptional…

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Nagra Classic TUBE DAC

TUBE DAC with PSU-3, 1x Classic VFS & 8 Spikes

The Nagra TUBE DAC is a no-compromise D/A converter that can reproduce DSD 256 and 384 kHz PCM signals with…

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Nagra Classic PHONO

Tube Phono Stage MC (transformer) / MM

After many years of success and esteem, the Nagra VPS is replaced by the Nagra CLASSIC PHONO.   This new…

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Nagra Classic INT

Integrated Amplifier (2x 100 W)

Based on the acclaimed design of the Nagra CLASSIC AMP, this is a powerful integrated amplifier capable of driving the…

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Nagra Classic AMP

Solid-State Stereo Amplifier (2x 100 W)

The Nagra CLASSIC AMP was designed for extremely high-quality installations, which require high power while maintaining a perfect musical delivery…

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Nagra Classic PREAMP

Tube Line Preamplifier (built-in power supply)

Nagra’s engineers have taken as a starting point the critically acclaimed Nagra JAZZ preamplifier and, incorporating elements of the design…

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Flagship Preamplifier (Includes Power Supply, HV Edition)

More than 20 years after the release of the mythical preamplifier Nagra PL-P in 1998, Nagra launched one of the…

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Nagra HD AMP

Flagship Amplifier (Pair of HD AMP, 2023 Edition)

The Nagra HD AMP was designed for ultimate high-end systems that are able to reproduce the music realistically. The HD…

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Nagra HD DAC X

Flagship DAC (Includes Power Supply)

The Nagra HD DAC X is a step forward from the world-acclaimed Nagra HD DAC. It also includes many of…

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