Nagra Classic PHONO

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Tube Phono Stage MC (transformer) / MM

After many years of success and esteem, the Nagra VPS is replaced by the Nagra CLASSIC PHONO.
This new unit is 100% tube in Class A (total 4 triodes), comes with two inputs, one MC / MM (with transformers) and one MM (no transformers). It also comes with adjustable and customisable cartridge loading, accommodates mono cartridges in true mono mode with a Stereo / Mono selector on the front panel, has adjustable gain (38 – 64 dB) and even a new built-in silent power supply, can also be upgraded with a Classic PSU.
The CLASSIC PHONO impresses immediately with its sheer quality. The very linear phase response is clearly audible with a very faithful stereo and 3D image. The timbre of the instruments is very impressive. After a few minutes of critical listening you simply want to rediscover your music collection and enjoy it!
The Nagra CLASSIC Line
Inspired by the legendary Nagra recorder, that gave them their unique sound and size, the Classic Line is the essence of Nagra. It is compact, refined and based on an engineering approach of “form follows function”. There is nothing fancy or decorative, each control or button has a function and is derived from the world of professional recording. The build quality, the touch and feel is what you can expect from the best Swiss watch makers.

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