Rotel Michi M8

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Mono Power Amplifier

The Michi M8 Monoblock Amplifier, renowned for its no-compromise Class AB design, delivers 1,080 watts into 8 ohms and an impressive 1,800 watts into 4 ohm loads. The clever design architecture of the Michi M8 ensures transmission to even the most demanding loudspeakers while preserving critical energy, rhythm, and timing.


  • 1080 Watts of robust power
  • Class AB amplifier design
  • Patented British bulk storage capacitors
  • Massive power supply using Dual Toroidal Transformers
  • Balanced XLR inputs


The breathtaking control and power of the Michi M8 Monoblock Amplifier derive from an optimal fusion of science and art, gifting a robust 1,080 watts of Class AB power into 8 ohms and a striking 1,800 watts to more demanding 4 ohm loudspeakers.


Behind the scenes, powering the M8 is a duo of custom-engineered, low noise toroidal transformers. These are in-house transformations at Michi, building on the strength of 4 British patented slit foil, high efficiency, low ESR bulk storage capacitors. This assembly offers a uniquely powerful bass, maintaining exceptional control even under extreme loading conditions.


The Michi M8 achieves superior performance and accuracy with its array of 32 high current output transistors. This configuration reduces the load on individual elements and maintains essential energy, rhythm, and timing during the amplification stages. To accomplish more explicit musical expression and detailed refinement, the M8 relies on the acoustic tuning of all critical components combined with a balanced circuit design.


The front panel of the Michi M8 is adorned with a high-resolution display, supporting either a peak power meter or a spectrum analyzer. It offers options for XLR and RCA inputs, two custom Michi speaker binding posts, and a remote control. Plus, with full-featured RS232 and Ethernet connections, the M8 offers supreme installation flexibility. This is power amplification exemplified, wrapped in a spectacularly elegant industrial design.

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