Introducing CADENCE DISTRIBUTION – a new and dynamic high-end audio distributor in the UK

CADENCE DISTRIBUTION strives to bring a different perspective to how high-quality audio products reach discerning music lovers in the United Kingdom.

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London, 20th September 2023 – CADENCE AUDIO today unveiled the birth of CADENCE DISTRIBUTION, a new distribution company dedicated to reshaping the landscape of the UK high-end audio market. Operating under the umbrella of the CADENCE AUDIO group, which holds ownership of prestigious brands such as the likes of Spendor, Siltech, and SME, CADENCE DISTRIBUTION is set to make its mark by representing their own revered brands and select global partners, for whom CADENCE DISTRIBUTION will be the exclusive distributor. This comes as a significant transition, as several of these brands were previously overseen by Padood, which is no longer operational.

The roster of brands that CADENCE DISTRIBUTION will proudly represent includes Aurender Electronics, Crystal Cable, Garrard Turntables, Loricraft Record Cleaners, NAGRA Audio, Plinius Electronics, Rockport Technologies, Siltech Cables, Shelter Cartridges, SME Turntables, Spendor Loudspeakers, and Weiss Engineering.

A dedicated and experienced team stands at the forefront of CADENCE DISTRIBUTION. Heading the operations and overseeing sales in the northern UK is Paul Clewes, while Ian Sutton will manage sales in the southern region. Alester Kells fulfills a vital role in training and support, and last but not least, Ms. Kathryn Ourlian (Kat) has recently joined the CADENCE AUDIO Group as Global Marketing Director.

Paul Clewes, at the helm, explains, “It is our passion for high-fidelity audio that continues to drive us forward, motivating us to seek out the very best the industry has to offer. We will be partnering with the finest British audio retailers, who can help sell, promote, and support these world-class brands to all the discerning music lovers in the United Kingdom.”

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Kat Ourlian
Global Marketing Director
Phone: +44 (0)20 7487 4080
Email: [email protected]

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