Spendor Classic 100

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3-Way Standmount Loudspeakers

The Spendor Classic 100 has roots that stretch back to the legendary Spendor BC3. With a new rigid light Kevlar composite 31cm bass driver mounted in a die cast alloy chassis, the Classic 100 delivers music with authority, power and precision.

• The Classic 100 is built around two proprietary Spendor drive units. The 31cm woofer has a rigid, lightweight Kevlar-composite cone whilst the dedicated 18cm midrange unit features an EP77 polymer cone for ultra-low colouration. Both combine high efficiency motor systems and a magnesium alloy chassis into their designs.
• The Classic 100 delivers a truly captivating fullscale sound with unprecedented transparency and dynamic contrast. Efficient and easy to drive, so equally at home with tube or solid-state electronics, analogue or digital sources, it always delivers consistent enjoyable sound.
• Available in two luxurious real wood veneer finishes – walnut and cherry.
• Use on the dedicated Spendor Classic 100 Stand for best results.
• Designed and Manufactured in the UK.
Assured and powerful, Spendor Classic loudspeakers take you to the very heart of the performance. Their warmth and richness, combined with their clarity and transparency, brings out all the colours and textures in your music, creating a uniquely immersive and comforting soundscape. They’ll send shivers down your spine, bring back fond memories, and encourage you to rediscover the music you love. Above all, they capture the soul of the recording, bringing a new intimacy and intensity to your listening experience.

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