Spendor DC1

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Centre Channel Loudspeaker

A stylish, contemporary, 2.5-way, centre channel loudspeaker. The Spendor DC1 delivers vocals with a vibrant realism that conventional centre speakers cannot match. The DC1 is large enough to deliver deep articulate bass but can still be placed on a shelf or close to walls. Designed to partner the DS1, D7.2 and D9.2, this offers many, high performance configurations, for the most discerning multi-channel music and movie fan.
• A capable all-rounder that can handle any genre of music/movie soundtrack making the DC1 a perfect partner for any current or previous
D-Line stereo product.
• The proprietary 18cm Spendor EP77 polymer cone mid-bass drive unit, together with the 18cm Kevlar© composite bass unit, helps the DC1 deliver a room filling sound with pure vocals, musical insight, precision and dynamic expression.
• The sealed box cabinet produces room friendly taut bass that is controlled and powerful, which allows the DC1 to keep up with DS1, D7.2, D9.2 stereo products, when used in a front left, centre, right configuration.
• An amplifier friendly design allows for partnering with a variety of AV electronics products.
• Designed and Manufactured in the UK.
• Finishes: Black oak, walnut, oak, satin white
The Spendor D-LINE
Dynamic and pure, D-Line loudspeakers reveal every nuance of the performance with absolute clarity, resolution and realism. No distortion, no ambiguity, no blurring of the shades, tones and colours: all is exact, seamless and detailed; absolutely faithful to the original recording, while highlighting subtleties you may never have noticed before. With their transparent, superbly natural sound and extraordinary resolution, they create an airy, spacious soundscape, then invite you in to explore it, uncovering new depths, textures and definition in your audio entertainment.

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